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HD stands for high dynamics. With CHARON2HD, dynamics of the existing base product are doubled without compromise on performance.

As for the CHARON2 family, the HD versions come in a multitude of different predefined configuration ranging from single X axis to complete 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) motion system. The choice from our standard electronics makes the CHARON2HD system scalable in performance to best meet the targeted specifications.

Compared to CHARON2, the HD versions allows to double both speed and acceleration to reach dynamics of 2 m/s and 2g acceleration.

Thanks to the standard mounting interface, this CHARON2HD can be considered as a drop-in upgrade to boost the throughput of CHARON2 application without any compromise on performance.


  • Standard strokes of 365 x 355 mm and 475 x 410 mm
  • Compact footprint and design suitable for space-limited applications
  • Up to 6 degrees of freedom
  • Up to 30kg payload
  • Built-in vacuum supply and customer signal cables at chuck level
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
±0.4 µm and ±0.25 arcsec
position accuracy
Position accuracy
±1 µm
Acceleration 2 g and speed 2 m/s

CHARON2HD stacked platforms

Here are the key features:

Ensures precise positioning accuracy over extended periods.

Suitable for controlled environments with stringent cleanliness requirements.

Enables precise adjustment for optimal positioning.

Additional 12 mm electric lifting mechanism to enable wafer loading and offloading.

Facilitates efficient operation by ensuring proper material handling.

Quick response and stabilization for enhanced productivity.


Products: 8
CHARON2HD XY 0365 x 0355
CHARON2HD XY 0475 x 0410
CHARON2HD XYT (DXR+) 0365 x 0355
CHARON2HD XYT (DXR+) 0475 x 0410
CHARON2HD XYT (DXRH) 0365 x 0355
CHARON2HD XYT (DXRH) 0475 x 0410
CHARON2HD XYZ3TM+ 0365 x 0355
CHARON2HD XYZ3TM+ 0475 x 0410