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The TBS linear axis by ETEL offers unparalleled precision and performance, making it the ideal solution for high accuracy applications across diverse industries.

The TBS is a high-precision linear axis with 1 Degree Of Freedom, utilizing a mechanical bearing-based indirect drive system. This design provides exceptional accuracy and precision within its category. Controlled by a high-performance, low-cogging servomotor and featuring a dual encoder feedback control scheme, the TBS axis ensures excellent performance. The axis leverages advanced HEIDENHAIN Group encoder technologies and features unmatched mechanical characteristics for both macro and micro motion over the entire stroke.

Specific design features such as thermal decoupling of heat sources, high stiffness, and a micrometric hard stop enhance process stability and safety. The TBS is particularly suited for semiconductor applications, including Wafer Process Control, Overlay Metrology, Critical Dimension, and Thin Film Metrology, as well as photonics. It also meets the demands of other industries requiring high precision, cleanliness, stability, and accuracy.


  • Total stroke: 50 mm
  • Maximum payload: 45 kg
  • Indirect drive – high precision ballscrew
  • Dual encoder feedback
  • Cleanroom compatibility: ISO2 (ISO1 optional)
  • Option available such as micrometric hard stop
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
± 0.3 µm
Acceleration 0.5 g
total stroke
Total stroke
50 mm

TBS linear axis

Here are the key features:

The axis achieves bidirectional repeatability of ±0.3 µm, micro-motion straightness of ±50 nm, and position stability of ±10 nm, ensuring precise and consistent motion control.

With a maximum payload of 45 kg, it provides versatility and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Featuring a high-precision ballscrew, the indirect drive system ensures smooth and accurate motion control, contributing to the axis’s exceptional performance.

The implementation of dual encoder feedback enhances control accuracy and simplifies commissioning, ensuring optimal performance from the outset.

The implementation of dual encoder feedback enhances control accuracy and ensures optimal performance at tool-point.

Optional features such as micrometric hard stops provide additional flexibility and customization to suit specific application needs.


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