Motion control overview

The AccurET and UltimET motion control solutions benefit from ETEL’s long experience in linear/torque motors, motion systems and motion controllers. This range defines the new standard for motion control in the industry: UltimET light motion controllers and AccurET position controllers offer unmatched performance in such a small volume. Now, the customer can improve machine’s throughput and save space at the same time!

The full ETEL solution allows machine builders to simplify mechanical integration in their machine thanks to a very consistent design and a modular architecture that is easy to wire and mount. It also gives customers the opportunity to focus on their core competence and technology while ETEL takes care of motion systems development.

ETEL’s motion control solutions have been integrated into leading edge machines of various high-tech industries for more than 15 years. ETEL’s range of motion controllers (UltimET) and position controllers (AccurET) allows machine builder to drive any available servo motors on the market (brushless, DC motors, steppers) with the highest performance regulation in a minimal footprint.

Its decentralized architecture ensures the same level of performances and speed regardless the number of axes to drive in the machine. Distributed architecture also makes cabling easier to manage and to maintain in the field. Last but not least, the software environment, ComET, WINGLET and EDI, simplifies software development, machine installation and maintenance.

Why should you use ETEL’s controllers?

ETEL motion control solutions are specifically designed for high-end equipment thanks to:

  • A high frequency state-space regulator for high control bandwidth;
  • An embedded programming and advanced control features at firmware level;
  • A high speed communication through ETEL real-time bus (TransnET);
  • A nanosecond level synchronization of axes for demanding multi-axis applications;
  • A compact form factor and simple cabling for an easy machine building;
  • Powerful and user-friendly software tools (COMET, WINGLET…) for setup, monitoring, simulation and automated testing.