METIS Planar platform

This platform, METIS, is a hybrid planar mechanical/air bearing platform dedicated to step and scan applications. It is a 6 axes platform moving in X, Y, Z and Theta directions. Dynamic flatness over the full travel as well as bidirectional repeatability are key parameters. This platform is currently used in:

  • Wafer Process Control applications such as Critical Dimension and Thin film Metrology.
  • Wafer scribing
  • Wafer Laser Thermal Annealing

It might also be used in Back End Of Line Lithography machines (mask aligners) and in some wafer dicing application.

This platform features:

  • Flatness of motion given by the air bearing
  • Unlimited rotation in Theta
  • Double Z integration: Coarse travel for loading/unloading and fine travel for focus adjustement
  • Buit-in gravity compensator in Z
  • Yaw correction can be done by slightly shifting the Y1 and Y2 motors
  • Can be further integrated with an Active Isolation System fully controlled by ETEL
  • Travels in X and Y can be made longer with some limitations on the performance

Main specifications

DescriptionY1,Y2XFine ZCoarse ZTheta
Total stroke320 mm320 mm4 mm12 mminfinite 
Maximum speed1.2 m/s1.2 m/s0.1 m/s0.02 m/s15.7 rad/s
Maximum acceleration12 m/s212 m/s22 m/s21 m/s2104.7 rad/s2
Position stability±25 nm±25 nm±15 nm-±0.2 arcsec
Bidirectional repeatability±0.4 µm±0.4 µm±0.3 µm-±2 arcsec
Maximum payload1 kg

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

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