LMG ironcore linear motors

The LMG linear motors are small size motors optimized for high dynamic applications. The LMG motors provide a high peak-to-continuous force ratio. With low weight and high peak force capabilities, the LMG motors are perfectly suited for high-end linear axis with mid- to-low moving masses and requesting high accelerations. In addition, the ETEL unique designs provides a very compact form factor and lowest possible force ripple for smooth motion. 


  • 14 standard models available
  • Designed for high peak force
  • Compact design
  • Economic
  • Free air cooling
  • Low force ripple
  • 600 VDC compliant

Main specifications

  • Continuous force up to 689 N
  • Peak force up to 3'630 N
  • Speed up to 15 m/s

Refer to the corresponding specifications and catalog or ask for the linear motors handbook for more information.