Active isolation system

A new solution for vibration isolation

The QuiET active isolation system is a module cancelling floor vibrations and motion system reaction forces along 6 Degrees Of Freedom (6 DOF), preventing them from disturbing the process taking place on top of your motion platform.

Most of the time, high-end applications in the semiconductor industry integrate complex equipment set-up, which, in one way or another, is connected to the granite of the motion platform.

As such, any vibration at the granite level translates into inaccuracies and longer settling times at the process tool level. Thanks to ETEL’s solution, preventing those vibrations has never been performed so efficiently!

Pushing motion performance to the next level!

The QuiET Series is pushing one step further ETEL’s Forward Integration Strategy. From now on, an advanced motion platform from ETEL does not only include the advanced motion system and its associated state-of-the-art motion controllers, but can also benefit from ETEL’s proprietary active isolation module. This makes ETEL the only motion system supplier able to cover such a wide scope of supply!

Thanks to a proprietary low-noise sensor and an homogeneous, fully digital, and deterministic motion control architecture based on 1 Gb TransnET, ETEL reduces move and settle times to unprecedented values. All reaction forces created by the motion stage are calculated based on the position and acceleration signals of all motion axes and provided to the controllers in such a way to compensate for these forces. With a  feedforward accuracy exceeding 99%, less than 1% of these forces remain at the granite level! The mass of the granite on the active isolation system can therefore be kept small, which in turn reduces the overall real estate and mass, while processing tools directly benefit from a quieter environment.

Modular, scalable and serviceable

The QuiET Series has been designed to be highly modular and scalable. Thanks to a list of preselected active and passive components, ETEL can very quickly find the optimized solution accommodating your needs! Spring elements, Lorentz actuators and proprietary sensors are embedded within a sandwich-based architecture that is then customized to fulfill any system requirements and makes serviceability easier in the field. The controllers of the QuiET module and those of the motion platform are all standard AccurET controllers and can be located in the same rack or electrical cabinet.


Commissioning tool

A user friendly graphical interface is available. It is compliant with any type of stage configuration and includes:

  • Automatic tuning of the feedforward parameters
  • Identification of the system
  • Built-in leveling capabilities