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Wafer probing

When precision is paramount, ETEL delivers comprehensive solutions to ensure testing reliability, offering accuracy, high throughput, and stiffness.

In the realm of semiconductor testing, wafer probing plays a pivotal role, demanding precision within micrometers to ensure flawless connections between the wafer and probe card. At ETEL, we understand the criticality of this process and provide cutting-edge motion systems and linear motors that guarantee unparalleled accuracy. Our best-in-class linear motors offer exceptional efficiency, avoiding thermal losses generating thermal distortion and therefore loss of accuracy.

Moreover, our position controllers offer low noise and therefore low position jitter as well as advanced features like controller gain scheduling, ensuring high position rigidity and preventing any displacement during the probing process. With ETEL, you can trust in the reliability and accuracy of your semiconductor testing operations.

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Motion systems

Linear motors

Position controllers

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