LMS ironcore linear motors

The LMS linear motors provide substantially higher continuous force than the existing LMG range while being very similar in terms of mechanical integration. LMS is close enough to LMG to allow easy machine upgrade to existing LMG customers looking for higher performance. Applications for LMS can be found in any machines where a high power density is required together with a high dynamic for mid-range moving masses. LMS will successfully fulfill demanding motion requirements from high-end automation machines to demanding semicon/electronic motion systems. 


  • 14 standard models available
  • Designed for high peak force
  • Compact design
  • Economic
  • Free air cooling
  • Low force ripple
  • 600 VDC compliant

Main specifications

  • Continuous force up to 908 N
  • Peak force up to 3'640 N
  • Speed up to 15 m/s

Refer to the corresponding specifications and catalog or ask for the linear motors handbook for more information.