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The ZT box module offers two degrees of freedom – Z and Theta – in a single unit, with both coarse and fine Z-axis adjustments available. Designed for wafer process control applications, it can function independently or be mounted atop an XY platform.

This module provides versatile motion control capabilities, featuring infinite rotation and built-in vacuum supply at the wafer chuck level. It incorporates a gravity compensator and is ISO 1 clean room compatible, making it ideal for thin film metrology and critical dimensions in semiconductor manufacturing.

With a coarse Z axis offering a 12 mm stroke for wafer loading/unloading and a fine Z axis with a 4 mm stroke for focus adjustment, this module ensures precise and stable positioning. Additionally, it offers excellent Z jitter and move-and-settle performance.


  • Speed: Z: 0.1m/s, CZ: 0.02m/s and Theta: 15.7 rad/s
  • Acceleration: Z: 2m/s², CZ: 1m/s² and Theta 104.7 rad/s²
  • Maximum payload 1 Kg
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
Fine Z with ±3 nm and Theta with ±2 arcsec
position accuracy
Position accuracy 
Fine Z with ±0.6 µm and Theta with ±3 arcsec
position stability density
Position stability
Fine Z with ±5 nm and Theta with ±0.2 arcsec
motion-systems-ZT box-1207678712

ZT combined module

Here are the key features:

Provides continuous rotation for versatile positioning.

Integrated vacuum channel at wafer chuck interface.

minimize power dissipation, enhance accuracy.

ISO 1 clean room compatibility achieved through vacuum suction.

Integrated coarse Z and fine Z allow compact design.

Version without a coarse Z axis available to suit specific requirements.

Offers very good Z jitter and very short move and settling time.


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