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ULTIMET ADVANCED motion controller offers unparalleled performance and flexibility for advanced motion control applications.

ULTIMET ADVANCED is a robust and versatile multi-axis motion controller, designed to meet the evolving demands of modern industrial processes. Featuring a quad-core processor with one core dedicated to user-defined control algorithms, it provides exceptional intrinsic performance and flexibility to tailor control strategies for various applications.

The controller supports ETEL Software Modules (ESM) for platform enhancements and offers seamless integration with existing motion systems.


  • Quad-core ARM processor with a dedicated user core
  • Hosts a Real-Time operating system for user code
  • Supports active isolation systems (QUIET) and advanced metrology architectures
  • Opens more interfacing options for machine control
axis synchronisation jitter
Axis synchronisation jitter
Nanosecond axes synchronization jitter
trajectory management
Trajectory management
Outstanding trajectory management
stage ais control
Stage & AIS control
Stage and active isolation system control in real-time

Real-time operating system for maximum flexibility and performance

Here are the key features:

This system boasts superior computation power within our real-time control architecture, enabling complex tasks to be executed locally without compromising performance.

Its real-time operating system allows for local data processing and logging, enhancing machine performance without impacting motion control precision.

The controller’s enhanced interfacing capabilities facilitate direct integration of additional sensing devices into the control loop, improving both performance and throughput.

It comes with a free embedded real-time operating system, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated hardware or software licenses.

With the same footprint and mounting principle as the AccurET48 position controller, ULTIMET ADVANCED offers easy installation and seamless upgrade options for existing configurations.

The open-core architecture can be applied in various scenarios to enhance process performance, capabilities, and reliability across multiple industries.


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