TMB+ Torque Motors

After decades of worldwide presence in the machine tool industry with leading edge Torque Motors, ETEL is presenting the new TMB+ motor. TMB+ is an evolution of the renowned TMB Torque Motor that provides a combination of increased performance and new features while maintaining the interfaces of existing motors.

In fact, the torque density of TMB+ is increased by up to 20% while keeping the exact same footprint and reducing the power losses by up to 30%. Speed range is also significantly extended. TMB+ is enabling enhanced machine performance and allowing new process to be achieved into existing machines without any design change efforts. With its outstanding performance level, TMB+ will give access to direct drive technology to more applications while keeping quality and reliability at their highest level and reducing cost of ownership.

All TMB+ variants are available with an optional cooling jacket. It consists of a precisely mounted metal jacket that ensures water tightness and guarantee exact same motor performance than with the conventional “open cooling” mounting. There are two different cooling jacket types to fit any machine design: radial or axial water inlet / outlet.


  • More than 60 standard sizes available
  • Active length up to 200 mm
  • Four different windings per diameter
  • Open or closed cooling variants
  • Nickel coating on stator and rotor
  • Water cooling channels
  • 600 VDC bus voltage
  • Very high continuous torque density
  • High peak torque
  • Low torque ripple
  • Compatible with IMTHP module for accurate thermal control

Main specifications

  • External diameter up to 1'290 mm
  • Large hollow shaft up to 1'070 mm
  • Peak torque up to 42'900 Nm
  • Speed up to 4'590 rpm

Refer to the corresponding specifications and catalog or ask for the torque motors integration manual for more information.