ILM+ ironless linear motors

The ILM+ ironless linear motors are a more powerful version of the ILF+ motors. The ILM+ series combine all advantages of ironless motors and provides high continuous force. This motor family is suited for the most demanding mid- to high-mass scanning applications where zero attraction forces and outstanding speed stability are requested. The low mass per force ratio also makes ILM+ suited for very high dynamic applications in many diverse industries. To further increase the continuous force, ILM+ can be delivered with a forced air cooling glider.


  • 8 standard models available
  • Designed for high continuous & peak force
  • Medium to big sizes
  • Suitable for air bearings
  • Forced air cooling option
  • No attraction force
  • No force ripple

Main specifications

  • Continuous force up to 478 N
  • Peak force up to 3'200 N
  • Low glider masses down to 100 g

Refer to the corresponding specifications and catalog or ask for the linear motors handbook for more information.