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VULCANO2 is our gantry stacked-axes architecture combining our renowned ironcore motors, mechanical bearing and high-end optical encoders to deliver great geometrical performance at high dynamics.

When compared to our stacked CHARON2 family, the VULCANO2 mainly comes with higher duty cycle and payload capabilities. Its compact footprint maximises cost efficiency without compromising throughput and duty cycles.

Whether standard or customised, VULCANO2 ensures consistent repeatability and accuracy, even during extended operation. This platform is ideal for applications that require precision, such as overlay metrology and flip-chip processes on large plates.


  • Standard strokes of 365 x 355 mm
  • Up to 6 degrees of freedom
  • Up to 80 kg payload
  • Built-in vacuum supply and customer signal cables at chuck level
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
±0.25 µm and ±0.25 arcsec
position accuracy
Position accuracy
±1 µm
Acceleration 2.5 g and speed 1.2 m/s

VULCANO2 stacked platforms

Here are the key features:

Ensures precise positioning accuracy over extended periods.

Suitable for controlled environments with stringent cleanliness requirements.

Enables precise adjustment for optimal positioning.

Additional 12 mm electric lifting mechanism to enable wafer loading and offloading.

Facilitates efficient operation by ensuring proper material handling.

Quick response and stabilization for enhanced productivity.


Products: 4
VULCANO2 XY 0365 x 0355
VULCANO2 XYT (DXR+) 0365 x 0355
VULCANO2 XYT (DXRH) 0365 x 0355
VULCANO2 XYZ3TM+ 0365 x 0355