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Driving innovation with Precision: ETEL S.A. is your partner for cutting edge motion technology

ETEL S.A., part of the HEIDENHAIN Group, pioneers cutting-edge motion technology from its Swiss headquarters. With a focus on high-precision and high-dynamic solutions, we enable our customers to achieve outstanding performances and strengthen their competitive advantage in their market. From ultra-precise motion systems over high-end motion control to high performance torque and linear motors, we continuously extend our product portfolio to meet new market requirements.

Driven by a commitment to innovation, we anticipate market demands and collaborate within the HEIDENHAIN Group to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With global distribution and a relentless pursuit of excellence in quality and reliability, we’re your ideal partner for precision-driven solutions. Join us in shaping the future of motion technology.

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Facts & figures

icon employees

Approximately 300 employees

With a workforce of approximately 300 employees, ETEL boasts a diverse team of talent, including 40% engineers. Our employees are the driving force behind our innovative solutions, bringing a wealth of expertise and creativity to every project.

icon average age

Average age of 45

With an average age of 45, our team comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to excellence in their respective fields. Their long-term experience ensures that our solutions meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

icon building space

14700 m2 building space in Switzerland

Situated in Switzerland, our expansive building space of 14700 m2 provides a modern and efficient working environment for our team to thrive. From cutting-edge production facilities to collaborative workspaces, we prioritize providing the resources necessary for success.

icon nationlities

21 nationalities

Spanning across 21 nationalities, our team embodies a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives. This diverse blend of backgrounds fosters collaboration and innovation, enabling us to tackle challenges with a global mindset.

icon production sites

ETEL Production sites within the group

With three production sites spread across Europe, ETEL maintains a strong international presence. This strategic positioning allows us to efficiently serve diverse markets while upholding our commitment to quality and reliability.

icon average seniority

Average seniority of 12 years

At ETEL, our team has an average length of service of 12 years, reflecting a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Each member brings a deep understanding of their role, ensuring that every project benefits from years of honed skills and industry knowledge.

icon rd investment of sales

around 15% R&D investment of Sales

Investing approximately 15% of our sales revenue into research and development, innovation lies at the core of everything we do. This dedicated investment ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements, delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Management and key contacts

Connect with our experienced management team and key contacts at ETEL S.A. Our dedicated professionals are here to support your needs and guide you through our cutting-edge motion technology solutions. Reach out to us today to start a conversation about how we can help drive your success.

Alex Hirter
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Jean-Marc Vaucher
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Lionel Flückiger
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Nathalie Montandon
Head of Human Resources & Communication
Phillip Tomé
Head of Electronic Division
Daniele Veronesi
Head of Motor Division
Riccardo Lacagnina
Head of System Division
Stéphane Guillot
Head of Global Manufacturing

Our values

Discover the core values that drive us. We are committed to innovation, precision, and reliability, ensuring that our products exceed industry standards. With a focus on excellence and ownership, we strive to deliver exceptional solutions.

Ownership icon

At ETEL, we take ownership of our work, our products, and our commitments. We believe in accountability and responsibility, driving us to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Respect icon

Respect is at the heart of everything we do. We value diversity, collaboration, and open communication, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and respected.

Excellence icon

Excellence is our standard. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and strive for excellence in everything we do, from product development to customer service, ensuring that we always deliver the highest quality solutions.

Trust icon

Trust is the foundation of our relationships. We build trust through honesty, transparency, and integrity, earning the confidence of our customers, partners, and colleagues.

Passion icon

Passion drives us. We are passionate about innovation, precision, and technology, fueling our determination to push boundaries and create solutions that make a difference.


Ensuring excellence: our management system

At ETEL, we prioritize quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our management system, aligned with international standards, guarantees clarity, compliance, and continuous improvement.

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Our management system, crafted to meet ISO 9001 standards, ensures transparent processes, clear responsibilities, and adherence to regulations. From quality objectives to occupational health and safety measures, we’re committed to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

We empower our employees to uphold our standards while providing them with the necessary support and resources. Through regular analysis and evaluation, we continuously strive for enhancement, ensuring the well-being of our employees and the preservation of our environment.

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History and milestones

Established in 1974 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETEL has been at the forefront of commercializing direct drive technology. Renowned for pioneering advancements in this field, ETEL has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing industries worldwide.

Historique 1974
The Birth of ETEL

ETEL embarked on its journey of innovation and technological advancement in 1974 with its foundation by Dr. Nicolas Wavre. Since then, ETEL has remained at the forefront of the industry, pioneering groundbreaking solutions that have redefined motion control technology.

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Pioneering Linear Motors

ETEL’s commitment to innovation was evident in 1977 with the development of the first linear motors for motorizing warehouse doors. This breakthrough technology transformed warehouse automation, enhancing efficiency and productivity in logistics operations.

1981 first brushless torque motor
Breakthrough in Motor Design

In 1981, ETEL made waves in the industry with the design of the first brushless torque motor tailored specifically for the food industry. This innovation revolutionized food processing technology, setting new standards for efficiency and reliability.

Historique 1988-erweitert
Expansion and Innovation

ETEL achieved a significant milestone with the delivery of large torque motors for telescopes, showcasing its prowess in precision engineering. This period also witnessed the relocation of ETEL to its new headquarters in Môtiers, Switzerland, providing a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.

Historique 1992
Pushing Boundaries with High-Force Linear Motors

The development of high-force linear motors in 1992 demonstrated ETEL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of motion control technology. These motors offered enhanced performance and reliability, paving the way for their widespread adoption in industrial automation and manufacturing processes.

Historique 1996
Advancements in Motion Technology

ETEL made significant progress in drive technology in 1996 with the introduction of a new standard programme for direct drive motors and the first digital standard position controllers. The company also laid the foundations for future growth and expansion with the first extension to its headquarters.

Historique 1998
Pioneering Precision Positioning

The introduction of the first precision positioning system in 1998 marked a significant advancement in motion control technology, further establishing ETEL as an innovator in the industry. This milestone set the stage for future developments and innovations in precision motion control solutions.

Historique 1999
Strategic Partnership Formation

ETEL reached a major milestone in 1999 with DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH acquiring a stake in the company, propelling ETEL to become the largest supplier of direct drives worldwide. The establishment of ETEL GmbH in Germany further strengthened ETEL’s position in the market and laid the foundation for future growth and success.

Historique 2000
Quality Certification Milestone

Achieving ISO 9001 certification in 2000 demonstrated ETEL’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The launch of the DSC position controllers family and the opening of ETEL Inc. in the USA further expanded ETEL’s global footprint and solidified its position as a leading provider of motion control solutions.

Historique 2002
European Market Penetration

Expansion into France and The Netherlands in 2003-2002 marked another significant milestone for ETEL, further strengthening its presence in Europe. Serial production of high-performance motion systems with nanometer precision during this period underscored ETEL’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers worldwide.

Historique 2004
Global Expansion Initiatives

With the establishment of new subsidiaries in Switzerland, Italy, and Singapore, ETEL expanded its global presence and enhanced its ability to serve customers in key markets. Development of an outstanding range of standard systems during this period further solidified ETEL’s reputation for innovation and excellence in motion control technology.

Historique 2006
Strengthening Asian Market Presence

ETEL continued its expansion into the Asian market in 2007-2006 with the opening of a subsidiary in Taiwan, further strengthening its foothold in the region. The third headquarters extension during this period underscored ETEL’s commitment to innovation and growth as a leading provider of motion control solutions.

Historique 2006-2008
Scaling Manufacturing Excellence

The year 2008 marked a significant milestone for ETEL with the fourth building extension in Môtiers dedicated to systems manufacturing. This expansion reflects ETEL’s commitment to meeting growing demand and providing cutting-edge motion control solutions to its customers worldwide.

Historique 2010
Precision Revolution

ETEL made significant strides in motion control technology in 2010 with the launch of a new motion control family, AccurET & UltimET, offering unparalleled precision and performance. Expansion into Korea and Great Britain further expanded ETEL’s reach, positioning the company as a global leader in motion control solutions.

Historique 2011 web
Powering Industrial Performance

In 2011, ETEL introduced the high-speed torque motor family (TMK), offering exceptional performance and reliability for demanding industrial applications. Expansion into China and Hong Kong with new offices further strengthened ETEL’s global presence and reinforced its commitment to serving customers worldwide.

Historique 2012 web
Tailoring Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

During this period, ETEL introduced new advanced motion system platforms, including those specifically tailored to accommodate 450 mm wafer processes, further solidifying its position as a leader in precision motion control technology. These advancements highlight ETEL’s ongoing efforts to address the evolving needs of the semiconductor industry with innovative solutions.

Streamlined Sales Integration

Since 2014, ETEL’s sales offices have seamlessly integrated with local HEIDENHAIN subsidiaries, and as of 2019, ETEL products are exclusively distributed through the HEIDENHAIN sales network.

Historique 2015 QuiET web
Innovating Flexibility and Performance

The year 2015 saw ETEL’s continued commitment to innovation with the release of new standard rotary axes and combined modules, offering enhanced flexibility and performance to meet the evolving demands of industrial automation and manufacturing processes. These advancements underscore ETEL’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to its global customer base.

2016 The widest scope
Advancing Precision and Reliability

ETEL marked another milestone in 2016 with the launch of its modular and scalable active isolation system, QuiET, designed to minimize vibrations and enhance precision in motion systems. Additionally, the establishment of an additional R&D center in Biel underscores ETEL’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in motion control technology.

Historique 2017 web
Comprehensive Solutions Unveiled

In 2017, ETEL showcased its dedication to providing comprehensive solutions by introducing the widest scope of supply yet, made possible through forward integration. This strategic move reinforces ETEL’s position as a one-stop destination for high-performance motion systems tailored to diverse industrial applications.

Historique 2019-2021
Precision Redefined

Continuing its commitment to innovation, ETEL unveiled a new advanced motion system platform family, ushering in a new era of precision and efficiency in motion control solutions. This milestone reflects ETEL’s ongoing dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

RSF aerial view
New cooperation and relocation

ETEL initiated the relocation of motor production from Switzerland to RSF in the Czech Republic.

ACCURET+ range (1–1)
New advanced position controllers

The ACCURET+100 and 300 represent the first two members of the 4th generation

50-year anniversary

As ETEL celebrates its 50th anniversary, it reflects on half a century of relentless innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence. Throughout its journey, ETEL has continually pushed the boundaries of technology, shaping the future of motion control and positioning systems.

HEIDENHAIN group subsidiaries

With numerous subsidiaries, sales offices and representatives, we are close to our customers all over the world and offer an efficient sales and support network that is optimally trained and able to provide technical advice and support in the selection, integration and use of our products.

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World headquarters

Zone Industrielle
CH-2112 Môtiers

map Show larger map
Subsidiaries & sales office
Belgium & Luxembourg

Pamelse Klei 47
1760 Roosdaal

map Show larger map
Subsidiaries & sales office
China, Hong-Kong

No. 6, Tian Wei San Jie, Area A
Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial
Zone Shunyi District
Beijing 101312

map Show larger map
Subsidiaries & sales office
Czech Republic

Dolnoměcholupská 12b
102 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic

map Show larger map
Subsidiaries & sales office

2 Avenue de la Cristallerie
92310 Sèvres

map Show larger map
Subsidiaries & sales office
Germany & Austria

Technisches Büro Südwest II
Verkauf ETEL
Schillgasse 14
78661 Dietingen

map Show larger map
Subsidiaries & sales office
United Kingdom & Ireland

200 London Road
Burgess Hill West Sussex
RH 15 9RD
United Kingdom

map Show larger map
Subsidiaries & sales office

Via Giuseppe De Notaris 52
20128 Milano (MI)

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Resources & sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and to environmentally conscious practices to minimise the impact of our products and processes on the environment. We are shaping a sustainable future through innovation and responsible behaviour.