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Introducing METIS, a state-of-the-art hybrid planar mechanical/air bearing platform designed for step and scan applications, ensuring unparalleled accuracy, move & settle times and speed stability over 4 degrees of freedom.

The METIS platform is a cutting-edge hybrid planar mechanical/air bearing platform, dedicated to step and scan applications with four-axis movement in X, Y, Z, and Theta directions. Its dynamic flatness over the full travel range and bidirectional repeatability make it ideal for high-precision tasks. METIS is widely used in Wafer Process Control applications such as Critical Dimension and Thin Film Metrology, Wafer Scribing, and Wafer Laser Thermal Annealing. It is also suitable for Back End Of Line Lithography machines (mask aligners) and some wafer dicing applications.

METIS delivers reliable performance, making it an essential tool for advanced semiconductor and photonics applications.


  • METIS combines mechanical and air bearing technologies for ultimate precision and flexibility.
  • METIS enables movements in X, Y, Z, and Theta axes, ideal for step and scan applications.
  • The platform offers high dynamic flatness and high bidirectional repeatability over the entire travel range.
  • METIS is used in wafer process control, wafer scribing, and laser thermal annealing.
  • The platform delivers reliable performance for advanced semiconductor and photonics applications.
  • METIS is also suitable for back-end lithography machines and wafer dicing applications.
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
±400 nm in XY
Speed / acceleration
1 m/s and 1.2 g
position stability density
Position stability
±25 nm

METIS platform

Here are the key features of our models:

Maintained by air bearing technology over the full travel range.

Ensures the shortest time to reach any point on a wafer.

A coarse Z axis for wafer loading/unloading and a fine Z axis for wafer Z fine positioning.

To compensate for the chuck mass and minimize heat dissipation.

Achieved through relative movements between both gantry axes to ensure dynamic straightness correction.

Fully compatible with QuiET active isolation system for better immunity to vibration and higher process stability.


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