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Precision in Motion: Introducing ILF+ Ironless Linear Motors

The ILF+ ironless linear motors cover applications demanding ultra-high dynamics and low moving masses. Designed with precision in mind, these small-sized motors offer exceptional speed stability, making them ideal for scanning applications where precise speed control is crucial. With zero force ripple and no attraction force between the glider and magnetic ways, the ILF+ motors ensure unparalleled motion accuracy.

Their versatility extends to air-bearing systems, where they excel in delivering smooth and precise movement. Additionally, for applications requiring increased continuous force, ILF+ motors can be equipped with a forced air cooling option, further enhancing their performance and reliability.

continuos force new
Continuous force
up to 69 N
peak force new
Peak force
up to 297 N
force density
Force density
No attraction force allows for cogging-free motion


Here are the key features of our models:

  • 3 standard models available
  • Designed for high medium force
  • Small to medium sizes
  • Light moving parts
  • Suitable for air bearing
  • Forced air cooling option
  • No attraction force
  • No force ripple


ILF+ Linear Motors – Specifications

Products: 4
Product Glider length Overall height Continuous force Peak force
All ILF +
72 mm82.1 mm31.9 N98.9 NDocuments
136 mm82.1 mm52.3 N198 NDocuments
200 mm82.1 mm69.4 N297 NDocuments

IWF+ Magnetic Ways – Specifications

Products: 3
Product Length Height
128 mm60 mmDocuments
256 mm60 mmDocuments
512 mm60 mmDocuments