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AQUARIUS ST is the latest generation of our short stroke actuators specifically designed for “Test & Scan” turret applications. This series offers improved force control repeatability and higher throughput, which ultimately reduces the total cost of ownership of the machine.

In “Test & Scan” turret handler applications, where precision and high dynamic are paramount, the AQUARIUS ST excels with its shorter move and settle times and smoother force control at lower force levels.

Its mechanical optimization, featuring a fully symmetrical and balanced design, ensures consistant friction behavior, minimizing unwanted move and settle time variations.


  • Total stroke: 10 mm
  • Continuous Force: 31.4 N
  • Speed: Up to 1 m/s
  • Move and settle time: 2.8 mm within  ±10 µm in 7 ms
> 1 billion cycle
peak force new
Peak force
214 N
Acceleration 40 g
motion-systems-AQUARIUS ST

AQUARIUS ST short stroke actuator

Here are the key features:

A mechanically optimised design guarantees long-term friction behaviour and minimises undesirable fluctuations in movement and settlement.

With its small form factor, it offers space-saving benefits without compromising on performance, making it suitable for installations with limited space availability.

With capabilities to handle smaller nominal forces down to 0.5 N, improve force accuracy, reduce force overshoot, and increase acceleration, it delivers superior performance.

designed specifically for back-end semiconductor final inspection applications, it improves the handling of the tested component in various processes such as tray/tube/tray removal and deposition, transfer to/from the table, test bonding, visual inspection, and laser marking.

It does not only increase the value proposition for machine manufacturers but also ensures proper testing and validation of manufactured chips without inducing stress, thanks to its combined electronics and specific software.


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