AccurET position controllers

AccurET: A modular position controllers family of high performance

AccurET position controllers cover a wide range of voltage and current levels in a compact solution. This makes the integration of various servo motors in a single machine very easy.

Their modular mounting design makes AccurET position controllers a very compact solution:

  • Each controller can drive two axes and a single power supply can be used for multiple AccurETs sharing the same DC bus voltage.
  • An optional board can be embedded into an AccurET, such as the UltimET motion controller or the I/O board.
  • No rack is needed, making the required volume only dependent on the number of driven axes.
  • Simplified power and communication cabling as well as modular cooling unit make the machine installation and maintenance easy to perform.

Machine builders will appreciate this design: cost effective, compact, quickly integrated, and easy to replace in the field.

Increase the throughput of your machine thanks to AccurET

  • AccurET current loop is highly reliable: Parasitic movements can be avoided thanks to its very low noise. In addition, its high bandwidth allows to:
    - Maximize the bandwidth of the position loop
    - Benefit from advanced feed forward, and better compensate for friction, viscosity, as well as repeatable perturbations
    such as cogging, etc.
  • ETEL’s advanced regulator provides all you need to get the maximum performance out of your mechanical design.

All together, AccurET minimizes errors during axes movement and therefore dramatically reduce the settling time.

Increase your machine accuracy with AccurET

  • 3D mapping is available standard so you can compensate repeatable defaults such as mechanical distortions.
  • ETEL position controllers can handle a variety of external signals. For example, fast position capture or fast trigger allows the management of other devices such as laser, camera, etc. They can either be based on the real or on the theoretical position of the axis, or time based depending on application’s requirement.
  • AccurET is also very well suited for high speed applications requiring high accuracy at the same time: the trajectory filter function is an enhanced vibration suppression function used to reduce machines’ vibrations and settling time. It is designed to avoid transmitting chassis vibrations on the load.

In addition, customized motion sequences can be run on each controller thanks to the ETEL structured programming language. The user defined “macro” functions allow machine builders to customize their position controller to their machine process. For more performance, each controller can run up to two motion sequences in parallel, independently of the other axes. As an example, one motion sequence can process all distance information to maintain a constant gap to the processed surface. While another sequence running in parallel handles errors for the same motor.

AccurET position controllers contain integrated protection and diagnostics for machine and, more importantly, stage protection: over-temperature detection, over-current and voltage, loss of feedback, etc. ETEL provides all necessary features to build a reliable machine.

ETEL controllers support standard encoders of the market, such as analog 1 Vpp, Absolute EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, as well as TTL. Absolute position feedback enables one to perform the machine initialization phase without any axis movement. This saves startup time and avoids any collision risk during this phase.

AccurET supports different communication types

  • ETEL TransnET for multi-axis real-time applications. TransnET’s synchronization jitter in the nanosecond level is the right answer for deterministic and reliable communication within machines.
  • EtherCAT: EtherCAT can be used on all AccurET Modular controllers. It brings the features of these high-end controllers in your machine with minimal integration efforts (EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany).
  • Ethernet TCP/IP allows commissioning and machine management during operations. This can be used in cases where controllers are used in stand-alone configuration.
  • USB can be used for commissioning and maintenance at any time.

Input and output interfaces

Each AccurET controller has embedded inputs and outputs to interface or trigger external devices. In case you need a higher number of motion control related I/Os, ETEL also proposes:

  • The optional I/O board fitting into an AccurET optional board slot is adding 4 analog Inputs and 4 analog Outputs, as well as 8 digital Inputs and 8 digital Outputs.
  • WAGO gateway module can be connected to the UltimET board allowing communication through Modbus TCP, interfacing up to 16 analog Inputs and 16 analog Outputs as well as 128 digital Inputs and 128 digital Outputs.

Refer to the Motion Control catalog or ask for the corresponding technical manual for more information.

AccurET Modular power range

AccurET Modular position controllers specifications

DescriptionStandard data sheetEtherCAT data sheet3D model
AccurET 48 
AccurET 300  
AccurET 400  
AccurET 600  
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