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The Z3TM+ module expands the range of motion platforms and integrates four independent degrees of freedom in an enlarged theta hollow shaft.

This module revolutionises motion control in the semiconductor industry through its advanced design with four degrees of freedom housed in an enlarged theta hollow shaft. With optional coarse Z-axes, this module provides unprecedented control over wafer motion profiles and improves precision and efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing.

Utilising flexure-based fine Z-axis technology, hysteresis issues are avoided while achieving nanometre-level resolution, accuracy and repeatability with higher dynamics. Embedded support for sample alignment further enhances process control and enables users to achieve unrivalled performance at wafer level.


  • Stroke: Z: ±2 mm, CZ: 12 mm, Rx/Ry: ±0.08° and Theta 364°
  • Move and settle time: Z: 100µm @ 50nm in 60 ms / Theta: 1° @ ±40µdeg in 70 ms
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
Fine Z with ±30 nm, CZ with ± 7.5 µm and Theta with ±2 arcsec
position accuracy
Position accuracy
Total axial error of ±3 µm
position stability density
Position stability
Fine Z with ±3 nm, CZ with ±50 nm, and Theta with ±25 µarcsec

Z3TM+ combined module

Here are the key features:

Offers optional coarse Z (12 mm) for versatile design.

Enables corrections over ±0.08° of travel for leveling and move and settle improvement.

Supply vacuum at the chuck level interface.

ISO 2 clean room compatible design ensures suitability for sensitive semiconductor environments.

Maintains precision with radial runout of ±3.5 µm.


Products: 2
Z3TM+ with coarse Z
Z3TM+ without coarse Z