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The DXR+ is a rotary module designed for mid-end applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries, featuring a compact design, light mass, and large hollow shaft to optimize performance to cost ratio.

The system offers significant improvements in rigidity and directly increases the control bandwidth of the supporting XY tables. It operates over a wide range of bus voltages from 48 to 300 VDC. It can be driven by AccurET modular or AccurET VHP for high position stability requirements.

Compatible with standard XY platforms, the DXR+ module offers versatility with an unlimited angular travel or with a limited one to an angular segment. It fulfills cleanliness standards from ISO 5 to ISO 1 under certain conditions.


  • Bidirectional repeatability ±2 arcsec at ±3sigma
  • Position accuracy down to ±30 arcsec w/o calibration, down to ±3 arcsec after calibration
  • Speed up to 400 rpm
  • Position stability ±0.2 arcsec
  • High speed stability capabilities
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
±2 arcsec at ±3sigma
position accuracy
Position accuracy
down to ±30 arcsec (w/o calibration), down to ±3 arcsec after calibration
position stability density
Position stability
±0.2 arcsec

DXR+ Rotary Axis

Here are the key features:

155 mm, ensuring compatibility with various setups.

Ideal for high-precision applications.

Ensures precise motion control.

Offers flexibility in positioning.

With a 44 mm diameter, accommodates additional functionalities.

Enhances compatibility with vacuum applications.

Ranges from ISO class 5 to ISO class 1, ensuring suitability for controlled environments.


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