DynX vertical axis solution

The DynX ballscrew driven linear series is a high precision axis dedicated to vertical applications. It is available with different standard travels and is ideal for all applications where high reliability, high throughput, outstanding accuracy and easy integration are required.
These DynX axes can integrate tooling plates (standard or customized) and connecting elements (motor, encoder and optional hi-flex / long-life extension cables available in different standard lengths compatible with the various ETEL's controllers).


  • 1 width: 155 mm
  • Three standard travels up to 150 mm
  • Ballscrew driven version
  • Dual encoder feedback
  • Counterbalanced linear motor version also available on request
  • Easy-to-access interface
  • Options available such as limit switches, brake and encapsulation.

Main specifications

  • Bidirectional repeatability ±0.5 µm at ±3s
  • Absolute positioning accuracy
    - down to ±4 µm (w/o mapping)
    - not to exceed ±2  µm (w/ mapping)
  • Speed up to 0.3 m/s
  • Acceleration up to 3 g (30 m/s2)
  • Position stability ±40nm

Ask for the DynX handbook for more information.

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