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PCB manufacturing

PCB manufacturing involves creating printed circuit boards, which serve as the foundation for electronic devices by providing electrical connections between components. Efficient PCB manufacturing ensures reliable performance, reduces production costs, and accelerates technological advancements in various industries.

PCB drilling

Precise drilling of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is a critical process in electronics production that requires a high level of accuracy. Innovative solutions such as linear motors enable efficient processing.

When drilling PCBs, speed, precision and repeatability play a crucial role in ensuring high-quality end products. Specialised linear motors offer fast tool positioning and significantly reduce cycle times, resulting in increased efficiency. These motors are characterised by their high repeatability and offer precise performance even with extremely small drilling diameters.

ETEL serves a wide range of linear motors allowing accurate drilling with high repeatability, facilitate rapid tool positioning, reducing cycle times in PCB manufacturing processes. Furthermore, our electronics are designed to push the dynamics of the motion system to their limit.

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Linear motors

Motion control

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