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The Z3TM module expands the range of motion platforms, offering four independent degrees of freedom for advanced semiconductor applications.

Designed for advanced semiconductor applications, this module offers four independent degrees of freedom – 3 rotary axes (RX, RY, RZ) and one vertical (Z) – achieving exceptional performance in terms of wafer-level accuracy and dynamics in a compact design. By replacing costly piezoelectric solutions, hysteresis issues are eliminated while supporting nanometre-level resolution, accuracy and repeatability with increased dynamics.

Embedded support for sample alignment enables precise flatness control at wafer level, simplifies design effort, reduces equipment complexity and increases reliability for faster time to market and better price/performance.


  • Total stroke: fine Z ±2 mm, tip-tilt ±0.08° and theta infinite
  • Move and settle time: Fine Z: 100 µm @ ±30 nm in 60 ms / Theta: 90° @ ±40 µdeg in 360 ms
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
Fine Z with ± 30 nm and Theta with ±2 arcsec
position accuracy
Position accuracy
Vertical straightness of ±3 µm
position stability density
Position stability
Z with ±3 nm and Theta with ±2 arcsec

Z3TM combined module

Here are the key features:

Provides continuous rotation for versatile positioning.

Correction over ±0.08° of travel for leveling and move-and-settle improvement.

Enables vacuum tubing up to the chuck level.

ISO 2 clean room compatibility.

Ensures precise radial runout below ±3.5 µm.


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