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The DynX Rotary Series offers a range of precision rotary positioning axes, providing high reliability, outstanding accuracy, low maintenance, and easy integration for various applications.

Featuring three different diameters, the DynX rotary series serves as an ideal standard solution for applications requiring smooth motion, high speed stability, and precise positioning. These rotary stages are seamlessly integrated with linear axes, eliminating the need for interface plates and resulting in compact, stiff, and accurate stacked-up solutions.

Equipped with toothless motor technology, large hollow shafts, and high accuracy optical encoders, these rotary axes offer maximal flexibility and reliability.


  • Bidirectional repeatability ±1.5 arcsec at ±3sigma
  • Position accuracy down to ±30 arcsec w/o calibration, ±3 arcsec after calibration
  • Speed up to 400 rpm
  • Position stability ±0.2 arcsec
  • High speed stability capabilities
bidirectional repeatability
Bidirectional repeatability
±1.5 arcsec at ±3sigma
position accuracy
Position accuracy
down to ±30 arcsec (w/o calibration), ±3 arcsec after calibration
position stability density
Position stability
±0.2 arcsec

DYNX Rotary Axes

Here are the key features:

Available in three diameters (100 / 155 / 225 mm), catering to various application needs.

Zero cogging ensures high-speed stability and smooth motion.

Ideal for high precision applications, ensuring precise positioning.

Possibility of limited angular travel from 20° to 390°.

Provides maximal flexibility to accommodate customer cables and tubing.

Facilitates the commissioning process.

Various options and accessories available, including limited strokes, air purge, and extension cables, enhancing customization and functionality.


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