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AccurET Modular

Our AccurET position controllers offer a compact and versatile solution, covering a wide range of voltage and current levels, simplifying the integration of different direct drive axes types into machines.

These controllers feature a modular mounting design, allowing each unit to drive two axes and share a single power supply, minimizing space requirements and simplifying cabling. With optional embedded boards like the UltimET motion controller or I/O board, AccurET controllers offer enhanced functionality without the need for additional racks.

The highly reliable current loop minimizes parasitic movements, maximises bandwidth and enables advanced feed-forward to compensate for various factors affecting performance. Moreover, AccurET’s advanced regulator ensures getting the best out of the mechanical design, reducing errors and settling time during axis movement.


  • Very compact dual axes controllers
  • Real-time 20 kHz servo loops
  • Advanced control features for high-end motion systems
  • Wide voltage and current range
Outstanding signal to noise ratio
computational power
Computational power
High computating power for fast operation
power density
Power density
Very high power density

AccurET: Modular solutions for high-performance position controllers

Here are the key features:

Modular mounting design minimizes required volume, simplifying integration and maintenance.

High bandwidth control loops and high signal quality minimizes parasitic moves for best position stability.

Advanced regulator maximizes bandwidth and allows for better compensation of disturbances, reducing settling time.

Advanced features such as 3D mapping, trajectory shaping, filters, etc. are embedded in the firmware for enhanced accuracy.

Built-in protection and diagnostics safeguard machines and stages against over-temperature, over-current, voltage fluctuations, and loss of feedback.

Supports various communication types including ETEL TransnET, EtherCAT, Ethernet TCP/IP, and USB, ensuring seamless integration and commissioning.

Embedded I/Os are present for extremely fast reaction to different events. I/O capability can be extended with optional boards.


Products: 6
AccurET 48
AccurET 300
AccurET 400
AccurET 600
Mounting bar