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High Accuracy Force Control

Our force control feature enhances throughput and manages contact force across motion axes, boasting benefits such as zero stop time, sensorless capability, and precise force control in the sub-Newton range.

The force control algorithm, integrated into the AccurET controllers, leverages computational power for swift transitions from position to force control, ensuring smooth landings to prevent overshoot while maintaining maximum dynamics.


  • Sub-newton force control capability
  • Operates with or without force sensor
  • Advanced features such as “Touch-down detection” and “Collapse detection”
  • Zero stop time for transition from position to force control

AccurET’s force control feature

Here are the key features:

AccurET’s force control feature enables the highest possible speed with fast approach moves and ensures smooth landings through automatic contact detection, zero stop time from position to force control, and robust control amid substrate position uncertainty.

It excels in force precision, offering precise contact force at sub-Newton levels, overshoot control, extremely fast force settling time, and the ability to operate without a force sensor.

The sensorless force estimator provides a cost-effective alternative to force sensors while delivering comparable performance in less demanding applications.


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