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Discover the AccurET VHP (Very High Performance) position controller, which has been specially developed for the most demanding motion systems.

AccurET VHP position controllers are engineered to deliver exceptional performance in precision motion applications. Leveraging specialized hardware and advanced software algorithms, these controllers ensure unparalleled accuracy, stability, and speed control. They seamlessly integrate with other AccurET controllers and feature a decentralized architecture for optimized control and real-time communication.

With high computation power and fast communication capabilities, AccurET VHP controllers excel in critical industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, wafer inspection, and test equipment.


  • Equipped with specialized hardware and software
  • Specifically designed for nanometer range applications
  • 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio up to 100 V / 30 A
  • Increased interfacing capabilities
Outstanding signal to noise ratio
computational power
Computational power
High computating power for fast operation
power density
Power density
Very high power density
motion-control-AccurET VHP position controllers

AccurET VHP – Very high performance controllers

Here are the key features:

The VHP range is designed for sub-nanometre position stability and ensure precise control of motion systems by minimising tracking errors and ensuring consistent performance even in demanding applications.

This range provides advanced control features and algorithms specifically designed for complex motion systems. It includes High-Speed Encoder Interfaces (HSEI) that enable extremely high-resolution position feedback in combination with high speed motion.

These controllers deliver sub-nanometer position stability, ensuring precise control and consistent performance in demanding applications by minimizing tracking errors.

The controllers offer high dynamics, facilitating rapid and precise movements in critical manufacturing processes, leading to increased throughput and efficiency in high-performance motion systems.

They find application across various fields such as process control, wafer inspection, and lithography, showcasing their adaptability and reliability in industries reliant on top-tier precision motion control.


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AccurET VHP 48
AccurET VHP 100