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The ACCURET+ Position Controllers represent the latest generation of motion control technology, offering outstanding performance and versatility.

The ACCURET+ series stands for ultimate performance. This fourth generation of position controllers has been designed to meet the increasing demands of sophisticated motion control applications. Featuring models such as the ACCURET+100 and ACCURET+300, this series offers a wider range of current levels and seamless compatibility with existing AccurET models.

With their modular design and easy integration into machines, ACCURET+ controllers provide a cost-effective and space-saving solution for a variety of applications.


  • Very compact dual axes controllers
  • Best in class signal-to-noise ratio up to 300 VDC
  • Advanced control features for high-end motion systems
  • EnDat3 and Multi-DOF ready
  • More product variants coming soon
Outstanding signal to noise ratio
power density
Power density
Very high power density
dynamic range
Dynamic range
Best dynamic range ever for a position controller

ACCURET+ : Ultimate performance in motion control

Here are the key features:

These controllers offer outstanding performance and reliability for precise motion control.

The models are fully compatible with existing AccurET family members and offer a wider range of current levels.

The modular construction facilitates integration and maintenance of ACCURET+ controllers in machines.

Each controller can drive two axes, and a single power supply can be used for multiple ACCURET+ controllers, saving space and simplifying installation.

The combination of advanced features such as 3D mapping, nanosecond triggers, EnDat3 support and more enables highest axis performance.


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