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The ComET software offers a user-friendly interface for the maintenance and commissioning of our position controllers and motion controllers, simplifying the set-up process of the equipment.

ComET guides users through the setup process of their motion systems and provides a complete automatic setup function that streamlines tuning and configuration.

It simplifies the setup and maintenance of our motion controllers and enables users to achieve optimum performance and reliability of their motion systems.


  • Simplifies motion system configuration and maintenance
  • Monitoring and analysis tools for fast tuning and troubleshooting
  • Allows for saving/loading complex machine configurations in a simple step
  • Easy access to complex features
Advanced software diagnostic for control optimization
user friendly environment
User friendly environment
User friendly environment
advanced tools
Advanced tools for fast setting

ComET: Commissioning tool

Here are the key features:

ComET enables system setting based on existing component (motors, encoders,…) database thus simplifying the whole setup process.

Graphical feedback is provided to simplify the representation of complex parameters so to speed-up the understanding of machine status.

Advanced features such as frequency identification tool and multi-axis scope allow users to fine-tune system parameters and enhance performance.

These are advanced features that allow users to fine-tune system parameters and enhance performance. These include the identification tool and the multi-axis scope.

The user can test, implement, compile and download motion sequences to fine-tune the system parameters.


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