Torque motors overview

ETEL offers the most comprehensive standard torque motors range in the industry. With more than 100 models to choose from, almost any requirement can be successfully fulfilled.

All ETEL motors benefit from ETEL's unique very low cogging design. This  construction enables an exceptional peak force density in the magnetic gap, as well as unparalleled thermal efficiency, which is a significant advantage for thermal-drift-sensitive precision machines.

TMB+ is an evolution of the renowned TMB torque motor that provides a combination of increased performance and new features while maintaining the interfaces of existing motors.

TMK are a unique type of very high speed torque motors for the most demanding applications.

TML and TMM are cageless variants of the famous TMB design. These variants are suited when no water cooling is requested.

Why choose ETEL

  • Unique technology
  • Unmatched performances
  • Direct drive expertise
  • High quality
  • Ease of integration
  • Product range