VULCANO stacked platforms


The VULCANO XY system is a three-piece-design allowing a compact and cost engineered solution, coupled to mechanical bearings and high-end optical encoders.

The baseplate of the bottom axes (Y1 & Y2) is composed of 2 ironcore linear motors, controlled in a gantry mode, when used with AccurET controllers, to allow better repeatability and optimal control efficiency. The upper axis (X) is composed of a single ironcore linear motor. The use of ironcore technology offers a high force density resulting in high acceleration and speed while keeping the operating temperature at a rather low level.

The baseplate of the upper axis (X), which also holds the motor of the bottom axes (Y1 & Y2) is made of aluminum for mass optimization and dynamics. Thermal expansion is handle by flexure elements.

There are 3 linear guides on the bottom plate. The two external linear guides laying on the bottom plate of VULCANO are recirculating ball bearings while the internal one (located in the middle of the baseplate) is composed of a recirculating roller bearing. The decoupling between the three guides is made through flexural elements. Some of these elements attached to the bearing blocks of the external guides allow a translation in the X direction. Some others attached to the central rail allow a rotation around the vertical direction. The upper axis (X) integrates 2 linear bearings. The decoupling is made via another set of flexural elements allowing a translation in the Y direction for one of the rail.

The VULCANO XYZ3TH platform is made up of the standard VULCANO XY outfitted with the Z3TH combined module. This 4 degrees of freedom module, provides 364° Theta rotation, double Z-axes, built in gravity compensator, built in vacuum supply at chuck level, a coarse one for wafer loading and unloading, and a fine one for focus adjustment, as well as a Tip and Tilt correction over ±0.1°. 

The use of this platform is suitable for, but not limited to:

  • Wafer Process Control applications such as Overlay Metrology, Critical Dimension and Thin film Metrology
  • Back-end: specific flip-chip processes made on large panels/substrates


  • Compact footprint
  • Nanometer position stability
  • Short move and settle time
  • High dynamics
  • High bidirectional repeatability
  • High position stability
  • ISO class 1 clean room compatibility

Main specifications

DescriptionY1-Y2 (bottom)X (upper)
Total stroke490 mm420 mm
Maximum speed1.5 m/s1.5 m/s
Maximum acceleration25 m/s225 m/s2
Position stability±0.6 nm±0.7 nm
Bidirectional repeatability±0.35 µm
Move and settle time
(25 mm within ±100 nm)
140 ms140 ms

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information. 

DescriptionData sheetInterface drawing3D model
VULCANO XY 0365 x 0355On request
VULCANO XY 0490 x 0420On request
VULCANO XYZ3TH 0365 x 0355On request
VULCANO XYZ3TH 0490 x 0420On request