DynX rotary axes

The DynX Rotary Series is a family of precision rotary positioning axes. With a product range combining 3 different diameters, the DynX rotary series is the ideal standard solution for all applications where high reliability, outstanding accuracy, low maintenance and easy integration are required. The DynX rotary product is a perfect adder to the linear ones. No interface plate is needed to interface linear and rotary axes resulting in a compact design and accurate stacked up solutions. The rotary stages are equipped with toothless motors technology providing smooth motion ideally suited for high speed stability applications. Large hollow shafts are available to accommodate customer cables and tubing.


  • 3 different diameters: 100 / 155 / 225 mm
  • Toothless motor technology (zero cogging) for high speed stability
  • Low profile / low mass for high precision applications
  • High accuracy non-contact optical encoder
  • Limited angular travel possibilities from 20° to 390°
  • Large hollow shaft for maximal flexibility
  • Angular ruler for commissioning process
  • Options and accessories available such as limited strokes, air purge and extension cables.

Main specifications

  • Bidirectional repeatability ±1.5 arcsec at ±3sigma
  • Position accuracy
    - down to ±30 arcsec (w/o calibration)
    - down to ±3 arcsec after calibration
  • Speed up to 400 rpm
  • Position stability ±0.2 arcsec
  • High speed stability capabilities

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

DescriptionData sheetInterface drawing3D modelFixed mechanical 
end stop 3D model
Mobile mechanical 
end stop 3D model