motion system design

XY table

This is the simplest 2-degrees-of-freedom architecture for a positioning system. The top-axis base is attached to, and moves with, the lower-axis carriage. Available features includes:

  • Ironcore linear motors with reduced cogging
  • High precision linear encoder
  • High precision recirculating caged ball bearings, for stiffness and smooth running
  • External cable management system

Gantry system

This configuration has the best accessibility to the surrounding space per given machine footprint. It is commonly used as single cell, or in process application where several machines are operating over a conveyor.

Gantry configuration, driven by linear motors and designed for high natural frequency, can provide an excellent solution that combines high precision, high speed and low settling time.

Rotary table

The rotary table's performance, which significantly exceed levels achieved with a conventional solution, is determined by the best integration of these elements:

  • High performance torque motor
  • Precision bearings
  • High precision rotary encoder
  • High rigidity mechanical structure