Z3TH Combined module

The Z3TH Combined Module is enlarging the scope of modules that can sit on top of the existing XY platforms. The Z3TH, 4 degrees of freedom module, provides 364° Theta rotation, double Z-axes, a coarse one for wafer loading and unloading, and a fine one for focus adjustment, as well as a Tip and Tilt correction over ±0.1°. This Z3TH module is a nice alternative to piezo based Z actuators, eliminating the hysteresis and non-linearity in open loop while offering better tracking error during movement, repeatability, and move and settle performance yet over much longer travels.

The Z3TH module is primarily dedicated to front-end type of applications and provides a right solution to cope with any applications requiring:

  • Alignment between a process tool and a substrate
  • Mapping of flatness
  • Move and settle improvement

First applications are related to back-end lithography and wafer process control.


  • 364° Theta rotation
  • Tip and tilt correction over ±0.1° for leveling and for move and settle improvement
  • Vacuum feed-through to the chuck level
  • Double Z integration: coarse travel for loading/unloading and fine travel for focus adjustment
  • ISO class 1 clean room compatibility
  • Low radial axial and radial runout of ±1 µm

Main specifications

DescriptionFine ZTip-TiltCoarse ZTheta
Total stroke±2 mm±0.1°16 mm364°
Maximum speed---10 rad/s
Maximum acceleration---55 rad/s2
Position stability±1.9 nm±0.0043 arcsec-±0.0038 arcsec
Bidirectional repeatability±0.010 µm--±0.35 arcsec
Move and settle time
(100 µm within ±30 nm)
45 ms---
Move and settle time
(180° within ±20 µ°)
   525 ms
Maximum payload2 kg

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information. 

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