ILF ironless linear motors

The ILF ironless linear motors are small size motors perfectly suited for very high dynamic and low moving mass applications. In addition, the total absence of force ripple ensures perfect speed stability and makes ILF suited for any scanning applications where speed control is a key specification. As for all ironless motors, ILF provides zero attraction force between the glider and the magnetic ways.


  • 10 standard models available
  • Designed for medium force
  • Small to medium sizes
  • Light moving parts
  • Suitable for air bearings
  • Free air cooling
  • No attraction force
  • No force ripple

Main specifications

  • Continuous force up to 134 N
  • Peak force up to 820 N
  • Speed up to 20 m/s

Refer to the corresponding specifications and catalog or ask for the linear motors handbook for more information.