Powerful software tool for automated test and simulation

WINGLET is a PC based software, running on Windows operating system and designed to operate with equipment that are controlled by ETEL AccurET / UltimET controllers range. This software is a standalone software and does not replace nor interacts with ComET, the traditional ETEL Commissioning software.

WINGLET addresses a wide range of users active anywhere along the path that starts at design phase in R&D and ends at the end-user’s equipment. From a pure machine performance enabler, WINGLET also brings significant benefits to automated testing procedures at OEMs’ production floor, as well as it helps streamline field services interventions and troubleshooting.

WINGLET can benefit each of these parties by…

  • Shortening design phases and increasing machine performance level;
  • Ensuring robustness and repeatability in equipment manufacturing;
  • Providing fast and precise machine diagnostics.

From its features, WINGLET covers mainly three aspects of an equipment:

  • Performance visualization, optimization and simulation

When connected to a motion system, WINGLET provides all the necessary tools to easily measure and display key motion related specifications, such as: Move & Settle, Jitter, Speed stability, Bandwidth… over the whole working space. This multi-site analysis capability is one of WINGLET’s many unique features.

After visualization of the machine performance over the entire workspace, WINGLET enables easy tuning of the control parameters, as well as simulation of the subsequent effects over the whole workspace in a single click. This is another key advantage brought by WINGLET during the fine-tuning phase. Multi-site simulation can save hours of trial and error tuning.

In addition, the global workspace view makes it possible to identify very quickly any machine issue that would be limited to given positions and thus drastically speed-up root cause analysis.

  • Automated testing

In addition to the performance related features that are more targeted to R&D users, a very large part of WINGLET is dedicated to automated testing and series production qualification of motion systems and subsequent equipment. The software is designed to run user-defined test choreographies at multiple locations and compare results with user-defined specifications to quickly provide a pass/fail status. This automated testing and all surrounding features, makes it extremely easy and repeatable to qualify an equipment at any time in its production/installation process. Indeed, the very first user of these features will be ETEL motion system production that is now adopting WINGLET to qualify committed specifications of all ETEL motion systems. Similarly, customers will be in position to define automated tests for in-/out-coming inspection of their equipment, as well as field testing procedures to shorten interventions and ensure tests are always executed based on the same mastered conditions.

In short, WINGLET automated testing features ensure that performance can be deployed from early production steps to final installation of the equipment and monitored along its entire lifetime in a robust and controlled manner.

  • Efficient troubleshooting

In the event of a complex equipment issue, the costs linked to the downtime of the machine can skyrocket in just a few hours. Multiple tens of thousands of USD can be at stake and any tool capable of efficiently finding the root cause will have as much value. WINGLET offers the ability to execute pre-defined sets of tests that can be as extensive as required and to visualize if the motion system behavior is matching with its expected performance, thus excluding it from the root cause if it is the case.

The user friendliness of WINGLET allows any type of user to be in position to run such tests without requiring any specialized skills. Reporting and result sharing between field service and headquarter is designed in WINGLET to be as easy as sharing a PDF report or sending a single file to a server.

Software variants

What an OEM is willing to do at his facility with WINGLET is different from what this same OEM will allow doing on the equipment in the field. To cover this, WINGLET comes in two flavors:


This high-end version of the software tool is fitted with all features. It notably allows:

          - Creating/Editing test choreographies;

          - Defining/Editing pass/fail criteria;

          - Tuning control parameters and simulating.

This fully featured variant of WINGLET is addressing OEMs that are naturally willing to be (the only one) in control of the machine specs, regulation parameters…

The OEM variant is mainly addressing OEMs headquarters, R&D teams, Head of Service, Head of Manufacturing and possibly other OEM key users.


A lighter version of WINGLET is available to be installed on every equipment shipped to its end-user to allow full execution of tests and extensive results visualization. However, it prevents a user from modifying choreographies, pass/fail criteria or test results. This variant is designed on purpose to provide all advantages of WINGLET to the installed equipment without the “editing capabilities” that the OEMs would not allow to happen in the field.

The RUNTIME variant will mainly be operated by local service personnel with direct access to the equipment during installation, maintenance or trouble shooting phases.

Refer to the Motion Control catalog or ask for the corresponding  technical manual for more information.