IMP library

The Interpolated Motion Planning (IMP) is a trajectory generation and execution library optimized for ETEL products using interpolation features on UltimET and AccurET controllers.
It provides a global solution for:

  • trajectory generation applications demanding high performance with all kind of specifications;
  • high trajectory precision, geometry fitting features and automatic transitions respecting different kinematic constraints (velocity, acceleration, jerk …) are some of the most important requirements;
  • event management capabilities to execute specific actions at precise positions along the trajectory execution (using position based Fast Triggers feature).

The user will be able to define two types of elements:

  • Geometry fitting to follow precisely a given path: IMP pre-process the optimal trajectory within customer defined boundaries. It actually uses allowed tolerances to speed up;
  • Automatic transitions to move fast and smooth to the next pattern: IMP automatically optimizes transition from one pattern to the next one.

The benefits of the IMP are as follows:

  • Increased machine throughput:
    • Faster overall trajectory completion;
    • Reduced vibrations and settling times.
  • Improved process quality:
    • No compromise on trajectory fitting quality;
    • Boundaries and constraints can be set at trajectory level to best fit process needs;
    • Global machine limitations can be set-up and verified.
  • Flexible & easy trajectory definition:
    • Multiple pre-defined trajectory primitives (circles, lines, polynomials, splines, etc…);
    • Pre-processing and optimization is done offline, execution is real-time.

Refer to the corresponding Application Note or ask for the corresponding  user's manual for more information.