High accuracy force control

AccurET's force control feature

ETEL’s force control feature is specifically designed to maximize throughput and precisely manage the contact force of diverse motion axes. The main benefits are such as: zero stop time, sensorless capability, and precise force control in sub-Newton range.

The force control algorithm developed by ETEL S.A. uses the AccurET computation power to allow fast and smooth transition from position to force control. The landing behavior is controlled to prevent overshoot while maintaining maximum dynamics.

The main benefits of the AccurET's force control feature are:

  • Highest possible speed with fast approach move
  • Smooth landing with
    • Automatic contact detection
    • Zero stop time from position to force control
    • Robust control toward changing substrate position uncertainty.
  • Outstanding force precision with
    • Precise contact force at sub-Newton levels
    • Overshoot control
    • Extremely fast force settling time
    • Ability to work without force sensor.

Refer to the corresponding "Application Note" for more information.

Since ETEL S.A began to develop AccurET force control, the algorithms and features have been continuously improved to become a complete, stable and efficient solution. This software maturity is also reached thanks to many application types, developed for various industry sectors. The AccurET force control is able to increase throughput without ever compromising accuracy. Using the unique sensorless force estimator is a cost effective way to replace a force sensor, with the same level of performance.