TUCANA ST Short stroke actuator

The TUCANA ST is the new generation of ETEL’s short stroke actuators primarily dedicated to “Test & Scan” turret handler applications. Compared to its predecessor the TUCANA one, the ST series allows a higher force control repeatability and a higher throughput, reducing the final machine cost of ownership.

In this application, short move and settle time as well as smooth force limitation at low force level are key parameters that can now be fulfilled with less compromise.

The ST version has been mechanically optimized, with fully symmetrical and balanced design, to guarantee long term friction behavior. This design avoids unwanted move and settle variations. The TUCANA ST can then cope with smaller nominal forces down to 0.5 N, improve force accuracy, drastically drop the force overshoot and increase the acceleration.

Both encoder and power connectors are mounted at the end of the cables and are compatible with the AccurET Modular 48 position controller.

The use of this short stroke actuator is mostly dedicated to semiconductor back-end “Final Test” turret handler applications. It will enhance semiconductor device handling through processes as « Pick from Bowl / Tube / Tray », « Transfer to/from Table », « Test Contacting », « Vision Inspection », « Laser Marking » and « Place to Tape / Tube / Tray ».

The ST version not only increases the value proposition of the customers' machines manufacturers, but combined with our electronics and specific software ensure that manufactured chips are properly tested and validated without stress.

Main specifications

  • Total stroke: 10 mm
  • Peak force: 68.4 N
  • Continuous force: 12.1 N
  • Speed up to 1 m/s
  • Acceleration up to 40 g
  • Move and settle time: 2.8 mm within  ± 10 ­µm in 6.7 ms

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

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