ComET: Commissioning tool

ComET is a user friendly interface for maintaining and commissioning ETEL position controllers and motion controllers. ComET interface walks you through the process of setting up your motion system, step-by-step.

The complete auto-setting provides an initial set of parameters to control motors and systems making the tuning fast and easy:

  • Connect to the ETEL motion and position controllers, and select the motor & encoder used.
  • Their characteristics will automatically be loaded allowing encoder signal adjustment, thanks to the Lissajoux graphical feedback.
  • Choose the homing mode and its movement profile in ComET.
  • Click only once to perform the auto-tuning process: this reduces commissioning time dramatically.
  • That is all it takes to setup your motion controller with ComET!

Once complete, the customer can use advanced tools to setup the system’s protections, or fine tune any of the parameters. Advanced tools help the customer to get the most performance out of his mechanical design:

  • The identification tool helps with analyzing the system’s behavior: a system’s immunity to disturbances can be checked, helping the user to optimize the machine design during the development phase, or the parameters set at the manufacturing stage for improved machine reliability.
  • The multi-axis scope can register and display position, current, speed or any physical value, assisting in the fine tuning of the system at development or maintenance phase.
  • ComET also includes a programming environment so the machine builders can test, implement, compile, and download motion sequences either in AccurET or in UltimET light.

Refer to the Motion Control catalog or ask for the corresponding  technical manual for more information.