RTMBi rotary axes

The RTMBi Series is a family of high precision indexing tables proposed with 5 different active lengths. Integrating ETEL direct drive torque motors, the RTMBi Series benefits from the best motor constant on the market (Nm/√W) allowing very high acceleration during indexation with low power dissipation. The RTMBi Series is the ideal standard solution for all applications where high repeatability and short indexing times are required. This highly reliable direct drive solution allows high duty cycles, high dynamics, outstanding accuracy, low maintenance and easy integration. A unique encoder-bearing solution provides the RTMBi series with the best torque to volume ratio on the market. An optimized hollow shaft size is available to accommodate customer cables and tubing. Alone or coupled with ETEL’s force controlled short stroke actuators and AccurET controllers, the RTMBi is the perfect solution for applications in back-end semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, automation, or printing, such as MEMS testers, die bonders, pick and place testers, turret testing handlers, and more!


  • Rotary tables for high dynamics indexing applications
  • 5 different heights
  • High torque to height ratio
  • High dynamics capabilities
  • Large hollow shaft for maximal flexibility
  • TMB torque motors technology providing high level of torque
  • Semi S22 compliant.

Main specifications

  • Bidirectional repeatability ±3 arcsec at ±3sigma
  • Position accuracy
    ±20 arcsec (w/o mapping)
    ±6 arcsec (w/ mapping)
  • Speed up to 1200 rpm

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

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