CHARON2 stacked platforms

The CHARON2 platform is built on a robust, reliable and elegantly stacked architecture, designed with modularity and scalability principles in mind. It starts from a standalone X axis to a complete motion system of up to 6 axes; data sheets' performance are available with different electronics configuration. Its compatibility with current and future modules and options allows coverage of the broadest application space and use cases. This flexible, scalable, modular and upgradeable platform offers an entry level to all semiconductor applications and many use cases of other markets, for instance medical, pharmaceutical, material science and others. Continuously evolving in all served markets, CHARON2 supports OEM’s product lifetime extension as well as upgrade paths.

With all-conditions field proven decades of uninterrupted operations and large manufactured volumes of this architecture, CHARON2 represents the most flexible entry point for turn-key motion solutions and sets a new record in price-per-performance ratio. This platform stems from anticipated, aligned, OEM requirements immediately fulfilled with another optimized product, reducing OEM integration costs and time-to-market efforts as well as improving price/performance ratio. The CHARON2 platform represents the broadest available offering in the market.

Its position accuracy of ±1 µm level paired with excellent bidirectional repeatability and high dynamics sustains applications development in all technology and industry fields. From this platform originate standard product configurations, for immediate integration, and customized solutions, accommodating suited performance needs.

CHARON2 remains another perfect example of ETEL vertical integration, based on proprietary IP for motors, electronics and controlling know-how, and synergy with HEIDENHAIN when relating to world-class positioning accuracy feedback.


  • Total stroke : up to 650 mm x 410 mm
  • Available in 9 standards x 2 electronics = 18 configurations as off-the-shelf products
  • Compact footprint
  • Payload up to 30 Kg
  • Included options and features: rails particle suction, custom signals,  pneumatic lines, and more.
  • ISO1 clean room compatibility
  • Tip-Tilt correction with the Z3TM combined module
  • Built-in vacuum supply at chuck level
  • Short move and settle times

Main specifications

DescriptionX (bottom)Y (upper)ThetaFine Z
Position accuracy±1 µm±1 µm±3 arcsec-
Position stability±2 nm±2 nm±0.02 arcsec±3 nm
Bidirectional repeatability±0.4 µm±0.4 µm±2 arcsec±0.03 µm

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

DescriptionData sheet
Modular / VHP
Interface drawing3D model
CHARON2 X 0650 / On request 
CHARON2 XT 0205 x 0000 / On request 
CHARON2 XZ3TM 0205 x 0000 / On request 
CHARON2 XY 0365 x 0355 / On request 
CHARON2 XY 0475 x 0410 / On request 
CHARON2 XYT (DXR+) 0365 x 0355 / On request 
CHARON2 XYT (DXR+) 0475 x 0410  / On request
CHARON2 XYZ3TM 0365 x 0355 / On request 
CHARON2 XYZ3TM 0475 x 0410  / On request 
CHARON2 XYZ3TM+ 0365 x 0355 / On request 
CHARON2 XYZ3TM+ 0475 x 0410  / On request