CHARON2 stacked platform

CHARON2 is a semiconductor-oriented XY stacked system, backward compatible with existing modules and options. CHARON2 design extends CHARON use cases into the space of higher dynamics and larger payloads, with further improvement on accuracy and repeatability. Exceeding 1g acceleration and 1 m/s speed at doubled payload, while delivering an absolute positioning accuracy below 1 µm, CHARON2 represents a turnkey motion solution for state of the art new semiconductor applications and lifetime extension initiatives.

CHARON2 remains another perfect example of ETEL vertical integration, based on proprietary IP for motors, electronics and controlling know-how, and synergy with HEIDENHAIN when relating to world-class positioning accuracy feedback. The result is a broad family of solutions serving any OEM wafer-positioning needs, process or process-control related, and ranging from a core XY to a complete system of up to 9 axes, independently controlled.  

CHARON2 stems from anticipated, aligned, OEM requirements immediately fulfilled with another optimized product, reducing OEM integration costs and time-to-market efforts.


  • Total stroke : up to 650 mm x 410 mm
  • ISO 2 clean room compatible

Main specifications

DescriptionX (bottom)Y (upper)Theta
Position accuracy±1 µm±1 µm±3 arcsec
Position stability±2 nm±2nm±0.02 arcsec
Bidirectional repeatability±0.4 µm±0.4 µm±2 arcsec
Maximum payload30 kg

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

DescriptionData sheetInterface drawing3D model
CHARON2 XY 0475 x 0410On request 
CHARON2 XYT (DXR+) 0475 x 0410 On request