Headquartered in Môtiers in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, ETEL S.A. employs close to 300 dedicated employees in research & development, industrialization, production, supply chain, quality, sales, marketing, and support functions. They are the backbone of the company and whose combined knowledge and commitment offer innovative motion control products to our customers. We want to make sure that the expertise of our employees is always up-to-date which is why we encourage and offer them opportunities to enhance their education and improve their skills. On-site training courses are diverse and cover a variety of subjects including: foreign languages, project management, and leadership. Our aim is to have satisfied and happy employees who are committed to ETEL for the long-term and take pride in contributing to ETEL’s success.

Between the numerous subsidiaries, sales offices, and representatives, ETEL is close to its customers all around the world. An efficient sales and technical support network provide coverage to the areas ETEL is active. This network is optimally trained and is able to provide technical consultancy and support on the selection, integration, and use of our products. The organizational structure and expertise enable ETEL to anticipate the customers’ needs and provide them cutting-edge solutions. With our innovative direct drive technologies, our customers have a clear advantage over their competition.

All design and production is performed at ETEL headquarters in Switzerland. It is essential to keep everything in-house to ensure the level of quality and consistency that our customers are familiar with. The “Swiss made” quality is based on the knowledge and technical expertise of a workforce that is highly-qualified; mandatory to the precision manufacturing of high quality products. ETEL is not willing to risk quality by outsourcing production.

Production key points

Production quality

ETEL’s comprehensive range of direct drive products can be rapidly combined in-house to supply complete systems prototypes. Each product we develop is subjected to stringent mechanical and electrical qualification tests at all stages of the production process to guarantee complete reliability during operation. The management system ensures that the processes, responsibilities, and authorities are clearly defined through internal rules complying with ISO9001-2008, OHSAS18001:2007 and current environmental regulations.

Modern infrastructure

Our production is done in high-tech buildings including clean rooms (ISO 6), temperature and humidity controlled manufacturing area (22°C±1°), vibration-free floor tiles for systems mounting and qualification tests, etc. Our systems manufacturing is located in a environment-friendly building certified by a Swiss label (Minergie).

Mass production

A flexible manufacturing organization enables us to switch quickly and efficiently from small batch production to large scale orders. Our in-house workshop enables fast manufacturing of precision mechanical parts to ensure the highest quality standards.

Customer support

ETEL is dedicated to customer satisfaction and provides high quality sales and technical support to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of its products and solutions. ETEL offers a broad range of training courses for its entire product portfolio (for individual or group) in a modern infrastructure equipped with demonstration benches.