VULCANO2 stacked platforms


VULCANO2 is a gantry stacked-axes architecture based on mechanical bearing coupled to high-end optical encoders. Use of ETEL renowned iron-core motors, along with innovative design principles, allows reaching high dynamics at much improved geometrical and motion performance levels.

With focus on easing semiconductor applications, the platform remains a match to all diverse markets and needs requiring solutions for higher dynamics; in fact even its best in class footprint excels to maximize its overall Cost of Ownership value proposition. Customers, aiming to reach higher throughput, duty cycles or to serve heavier payloads with no loss of repeatability or of accuracy, can confidently adopt a standard VULCANO2 or a derived customized solution.

VULCANO2 represents also a perfect solution to all use cases where dynamics, duty cycles and payloads are not so stringent, though positioning accuracy must be established for very long times: delivering several hours of u-level navigation accuracy is no longer a dream but a solid reality from this new offering from ETEL.

The use of this platform is suitable for, but not limited to:

  • Wafer Process Control applications such as Overlay Metrology, Critical Dimension and Thin film Metrology
  • Back-end: flip-chip processes made on large panels/substrates


  • Compact footprint
  • Payload up to 80 kg
  • Nanometer level position stability
  • High dynamics
  • Excellent bidirectional repeatability and position stability
  • ISO 2 clean room compatibility

Main specifications

DescriptionX1-X2 (bottom)Y (upper)Theta
Total stroke365 mm355 mmInfinite
Maximum speed1.2 m/s1.2 m/s32 rad/s
Maximum acceleration25 m/s225 m/s2126 rad/s2
Position accuracy±1 µm±1 µm±3 arcsec
Position stability±2 nm±2 nm±0.02 arcsec
Bidirectional repeatability±250 nm±250 nm±2 arcsec

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information. 

DescriptionData sheetInterface drawing3D model
VULCANO2 XY 0365 x 0355On request
VULCANO2 XYT (DXR+) 0365 x 0355On request
VULCANO2 XYT (DXRH) 0365 x 0355On request
VULCANO2 XYZ3TM+ 0365 x 0355On request