“Leading-edge technology”, this is what the name of ETEL has represented for 50 years. This achievement was made possible thanks to the skills and know-how of our employees. Their inspiration for technology and their commitment for passion and pioneering spirit continually expand the limits of what is possible.

The acquisition of ETEL by DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH at the end of 1990’s has secured ETEL’s position as technological leader in different high-end markets. Therefore, our employees develop the technological fundamentals and products today that will transform the world of our customers tomorrow. Our investments in research and development as well as the production tools are very high.

For these reasons, ETEL offers you the ideal conditions for achieving your professional and personal aims.

Working hours:

  • Flexible working hours with respect to blocked periods.
  • A bridge between Christmas and New Year (excluding holiday weeks) to take advantage of the festive season.
  • A minimum of 9 paid holidays granted to employees.
  • 5 weeks' vacation per year.

Social benefits:

  • Premiums for professional and non-professional accidents fully covered by the employer.
  • Employer-paid sickness and accident loss-of-earnings premiums.
  • Salaries adapted to the labor market.
  • Excellent LPP coverage, with 55% of contributions paid by the employer.

Working environment:

  • Modern premises with ideal working conditions.
  • A company restaurant with quality menus at attractive prices.
  • A cafeteria equipped with microwaves and refrigerators.
  • An easily accessible site with a train station 150 m away.
  • Staff sponsorship of sporting events.
  • Several team corporate sports: soccer, hockey, running, cycling, etc.

Other benefits:

  • A hiring referral bonus for employees who refer candidates.
  • Free parking available to all employees.
  • A carpooling system providing participants with a reserved place in a nearby car park.
  • Preferential conditions with various partners: Sunrise, Swibeco, sports centers, banks, health insurance, petrol, etc.
  • Festive events open to all: barbecues, jubilees, Christmas meals, etc.
  • Promotion of seniority through gifts, vacation days and bonuses based on years of service.