ZT Combined module

The ZT box is a module combining two degrees of freedom, in Z and Theta, within one single unit. Two actuations are possible along the Z direction, a coarse one and a fine one. This module can be used in a standalone mode or mounted on top of an XY platform. This module is especially well suited for wafer process control applications such as thin film metrology, critical dimensions, etc.


  • Infinite rotation
  • Built-in vacuum supply at wafer chuck level
  • Built-in gravity compensator
  • ISO1 clean room compatible thanks to vacuum suction
  • Coarse Z axis with 12 mm stroke for wafer loading/unloading and fine Z with 4 mm stroke for focus adjustment
  • Version without a coarse Z can be done
  • Very good Z jitter as well as move and settle

Main specifications

DescriptionFine ZCoarse ZTheta
Total stroke4 mm12 mminfinite
Maximum speed0.1 m/s0.02 m/s15.7 rad/s
Maximum acceleration2 m/s21 m/s2104.7 rad/s²
Position stability±5 nm-±0.2 arcsec
Position accuracy ±0.6 µm-±3 arcsec
Bidirectional repeatability±0.3 µm-±2 arcsec
Maximum payload1 kg

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

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