DXRH rotary axis

The DXRH is the newest addition to ETEL rotary axes solutions. This is a 1 DOF mechanical bearing based rotary axis providing outstanding performance in terms of accuracy and precision.
Featuring a 360’000 lines encoder and unmatched mechanical characteristics directly comparable with air bearing solution without the associated complexity, the DXRH is served at its heart by HEIDENHAIN best in class encoder and bearing technology, and ETEL direct drive technology toothless motor without any torque ripple.
Fully compatible with standard ETEL interfaces, the DXRH module is available as a standalone module or integrated on ETEL system’s portfolio. It also provides a performance upgrade path for all DXR+ based applications without any redesign as the interfaces are identical.
The DXRH rotary module can be integrated to the CHARON2 and the VULCANO2 stacked platforms. It brings high stiffness, high precision, high accuracy, high cleanliness level as well as low thermally induced deformation thanks to its stainless steel design.
With focus on easing semiconductor applications, the module remains a match to all diverse markets and needs requiring solutions for high precision and high accuracy rotation.
Suited to diverse applications and industries, the DXRH rotary module is especially suitable for Wafer Process Control applications such as Overlay Metrology, Critical Dimension and Thin film Metrology as well as photonics.


  • Infinite Theta rotation
  • Ultra high resolution encoder with 360'000 lines
  • Payload up to 12.5 kg
  • Vacuum feed-through to the interface level
  • Vacuum purge for axis cleanliness
  • Large hollow shaft of 53 mm
  • ISO class 1 clean room compatibility
  • Several options available such as modular external hard stop, wooble kit, wafer vacuum, connectors support, etc.
  • Toothless motor technology (zero cogging) for high speed stability

Main specifications

  • Bidirectional repeatability: ±0.25 arcsec
  • Position accuracy down to ±3 arcsec (w/o calibration)
  • Position stability: ±2,5 marcsec
  • Radial runout:  ±1 µm
  • Total axial error: ±2 µm

Ask for the corresponding Integration Manual for more information.

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