TMC Torque Motors

For decades, machine tool applications have kept raising the expectations for surface quality and throughput, all in the smallest possible footprint. This has led to a constant need for innovation up to component level, and TMC is the perfect answer to this never-ending quest for performance. Providing the best torque level in a given footprint is the name of the game, where TMC successfully stands out by a combination of innovative magnetic design and smart mechanical conception. This allows either to provide a 30% to 120% torque increase in the same stator footprint as a TMB+, or to downgrade the motor of one or two active lengths to build up an ultra-compact solution.

While TMC retains the same qualities as its predecessors - robustness, repeatability, reliability, its presence in the portfolio provides an additional option on top of traditional torque motors like TMB+ and high torque / high speed motors such as TMK. While not rivalling TMK, the speed range at which the continuous torque is available is much wider on TMC than on traditional torque motors. And since it was developed through a design to cost approach, TMC truly shines on a price per performance standpoint. TMC is the ideal way to bring a machine’s performance to the next level!


  • 18 standard sizes available
  • Best continuous and peak torques in a given footprint (up to 120% more than equivalent TMB+)
  • Continuous torque available on an increased speed range
  • Reduced price per performance ratio
  • High motor repeatability and reliability
  • TMC stator footprint compatible with the TMB+ series
  • Water cooling channels
  • 600 VDC bus voltage
  • Compatible with IMTHP module for accurate thermal control
  • Low torque ripple

Main specifications

  • External diameter up to 565 mm
  • Large hollow shaft up to 405 mm
  • Continuous torque up to 5'520 Nm
  • Peak torque up to 10'200 Nm
  • Speed up to 750 rpm

Refer to the corresponding specifications or ask for the torque motors integration manual for more information.