TMB Torque Motors

The TMB torque motor has been the most famous torque motor in the machine tool industry for more than 15 years. Today, the TMB motor is used all around the world in hundreds of different applications. The TMB patented design provides the best possible torque density as well as high peak torque and extremely low torque ripple. The heat evacuation is optimized via the TMB housing’s water cooling channels to increase continuous force while keeping machine structure cold. In addition, all ETEL torque motors are provided with temperature sensors to combine maximum performance and extremely safe operation (refer to IMTHP page for more details).


  • 50 standard models available
  • Designed for the most demanding applications
  • Water cooling channels
  • 600 VDC bus voltage
  • High continuous torque
  • Very high peak torque
  • Compatible with IMTHP module for accurate thermal control
  • Low torque ripple

Main specifications

  • External diameter up to 1'290 mm
  • Large hollow shaft up to 1'070 mm
  • Peak torque up to 31'200 Nm
  • Speed up to 4'500 rpm

Refer to the corresponding specifications and catalog or ask for the torque motors handbook for more information.