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Torque motors

ETEL leads the industry with its extensive range of over 170 standard torque motors, catering to a wide array of needs. Featuring ETEL’s unique very low cogging design, these motors offer exceptional peak force density and unmatched thermal efficiency, making them ideal for precision machines sensitive to thermal drift.

Cost of ownership

Direct coupling of the payload to the motor eliminates the need for mechanical transmission elements. No mechanical wear results in excellent reliability and long lifetime, while having fewer mechanical parts minimizes maintenance.

Easy Integration

A wide range of sizes with outer diameters from 140 mm to 1,290 mm, with a hollow shaft design that facilitates easy integration of cables, cooling pipes and other devices.

Dynamic Performance

Improved dynamics through direct drive technology that increases the bandwidth of the control loop and removes limitations on dynamic performance. ETEL motors provide high torque across a wide speed range, reaching up to 5,000 rpm.

Our Torque motors

Below is an overview of our torque motors